Abavas white apple Pet Nat 0,75L 7,5% alc

Abavas white apple Pet Nat 0,75L 7,5% alc


Fresh, light and refreshing are the qualities of the special Abavas apple wine Petnat*. This wine was created by use of the ancient French method called ancestrale. Caringly nurtured, the wine completes its fermentation in the bottle, thus containing natural sediments and having a surprisingly livid taste. The wine is unfiltered, which is a significant characteristic of its style. Every bottle contains a lively tasting surprise!

The lively character of the “White apple” wine vividly emphasises the taste qualities of the northern apple, which are impossible to ignore.

A great delight for a gourmet!

Combine the wine with foods of your choice because the world of Petnat has no limits to imagination!

*p.s. Petnat has originated from the French word pétillant naturel, which means “naturally sparkling”.